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Admission: Master of Science

The following rules are specific for non-Russian citizens.

General regulations for admission to main educational programmes at St. Petersburg State University in 2019 can be found here.

There are two study schemes: positions funded by the Russian government (zero-fee positions) and positions with tuition fee (regular positions). See also:

The admission timeline

Application submission is open!

For each study scheme (zero-fee and regular), there are two waves of admission. The timelines are as follows:

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

For 2019, all the deadlines have passed. See you in 2020!

Note that you can participate in the competition for the same study scheme (regular or zero-fee positions) at most once. However, you can transfer your points to a subsequent wave of a competition related to the other study scheme, because the evaluation criteria are identical. For example, you can participate in the first wave of the competition for regular positions, and then transfer your points to the second wave of the competition for zero-fee positions.

Admission procedure

A two-step admission procedure is used. First, prospective students submit their applications (motivation letter, CV, 1 or 2 reference letters, scientific essay, previous degree certificate, and, if applicable, publication list, English language certificate and other relevant certificates). After the applications are evaluated, those who pass the evaluation are invited for a Skype interview.

The submission server is the same for all the programmes at St. Petersburg State University, and it is a bit misleading. So we have prepared an instruction for you on how to submit to our programme.

Questions about this programme and admission to it are very welcome: please send an email to

math [dot] msc [at] spbu [dot] ru

For the most recent updates, follow our Facebook page: @MathematicsSPbU.