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Admission office

Admission office

 Working hours:
Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm (lunch break 1pm-2pm)
Telephone +7 (812) 36–36–636

Admission to the undergraduate program 01.03.01 “Mathematics”

Enrollment is based on Unified State Exam results:

– mathematics
– informatics
– Russian language


Enrollment privileges in 2017

Winners of I-III level Olympiads in mathematics and informatics, having a score of at least 75 points for the USE, are accepted without entrance tests. Enrollment privileges for 2018 entry will be published on the undergraduate admission website.

Scholarships for winners of the All-Russian Olympiad are awarded within the framework of the joint project “Mathematical progression” of SPbSU and “Gazprom Neft” aiming to support talented children (15000 roubles a month). In 2016, 20 scholarships were awarded.

 Mathematics at St. Petersburg State University

In 2015, St. Petersburg State University launched a new undergraduate program “Mathematics” 01.03.01. The program is prominent: in 2015 it was chosen by the largest number of prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiad in mathematics among all educational programs in Russia. St. Petersburg State University is the world’s leading center for mathematical research. Department of mathematics and mechanics of St. Petersburg State University has among its alumni Nobel Laureate L.Kantorovich, laureate of the Abel prize M.Gromov, G.Perelman who proved Poincare conjecture, and many other remarkable scientists. Here are some of the advantages of the new undergraduate program in Mathematics:

– Classes take place in the historical center of St. Petersburg – on Vasilyevsky Island.
– Students from outside of Saint Petersburg are provided with a room at the dormitory.
– There are exchange programs with leading foreign universities and scientific centers.
– Successful 3rd and 4th year students receive funds for trips to international conferences.
– Students are involved in research in collaboration with Chebyshev Laboratory , founded in 2010 by Fields laureate S.Smirnov.


 What do we teach?

Mathematics in the modern world is used everywhere. It finds its applications in areas from physics to biology, from mobile telephony to the oil industry. Most of the existing mathematical programs of education in the world do not fully reflect new trends in the development of science. Topics studied in western courses of computer science are virtually absent in Russian universities. The proposed program is one of the few in Russia representing the current state of mathematics and computer science.

World leading experts are invited to teach students. Students can focus on in-depth study of mathematics or computer science, as well as engage in research under the supervision of famous scientists in the atmosphere of an internationally recognized scientific center. Starting from the 3rd year, students are engaged in programs designed individually for each student. Graduates are in demand on the world education market, in fundamental and applied science, IT market etc. There is a possibility of continuing studies on the graduate level.