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More winners and medalists enter the «Mathematics» program

More winners and medalists enter the «Mathematics» program

The 2017 admission campaign is at its peak. The deadline for applications is July 26th. To get into the first wave, one needs to bring one’s high school certificate before August 1st.

However, there is also the `zeroth wave’, which consists of those who have the right to become students without examinations, i.e. team members at International Olympiads (in relevant fields), winners and medalists at All-Russian Olympiads, and winners and medalists at olympiads organized by the Russian Council for School Olympiads (RCSO for short).

Usually the number of such students is not greater than 10-15% of the total number of state-funded places in the program in question. But in this year 48 of those who can become students without exams have already applied to the «Mathematics» program. While the total number of places in our program is only 45. And our future students have notable achievements. For instance, four of the five Russian team members at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro have chosen our Bachelor’s program. The first 21 of the applicants are winners and medalists at All-Russian Olympiads: 16 in Mathematics, 5 in Computer Science, and 1 in Astronomy.

If the number of medalists at olympiads ogranized by RCSO is greater than that of state-funded places, then the medalists are ranked — according to the admission rules at St. Petersburg State University — by their individual achievements. The Fields medalist Stanislav Smirnov, who is also the Head of the «Mathematics» program, thinks that this system is not ideal:

— I think all applicants who have comparable achievements at olympiads should be allowed to study at our Bachelor’s program. The Council of the «Mathematics» program is searching for a way to get funding for some extra places. Yesterday morning a fundraising initiative was set up for this purpose. And 1 million RUB has already been collected, which allows us to pay for 4 extra places in the program. I hope we’ll be able to provide places for all worthy students.