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General Information

In 2015 an undergraduate program in mathematics was launched at the department of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University. Studies are carried out within the framework of the new educational program “Mathematics” (01.03.01), aimed at training specialists in the field of mathematics and computer science. The Council of the Program is chaired by the Scientific Leader of the Chebyshev Laboratory, Fields medalist, Professor of the University of Geneva Stanislav Smirnov.


Features of the program:

– Advanced level of training.
– The undergraduate program has been developed by leading foreign and Russian scientists.
– The Council of the Program (chaired by Fields medalist Stanislav Smirnov) includes both experts from the world’s best scientific centers (Stony Brook, New York, Painleve Laboratory, CNRS) and academics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
– Excellent teaching staff. Lectures for students are taught by scientists and experienced teachers: N.Vavilov, Yu.Davydov, S.Ivanov, S.Kislyakov, A.Okhotin, S.Pilyugin, Yu.Belov, V.Petrov, F.Petrov, S.Speransky, S.Tikhomirov etc. Lectures given by our teachers can be viewed in vkontakte group and on the website of “Lectorium” .
– Active research.
– Student Participation in international scientific activities in Chebyshev laboratory.
– Funding of student trips to international conferences.
– Courses in English. Some third-year courses will be taught in English by native speakers.

The booklet (In Russian) of the undergraduate program “mathematics” can be downloaded here