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Admission rules

Competition: 7.84 applications per place (353 application, 45 places)
The minimum USE score for 2017 was 288 (state-financed) and 252 (paid).

Application process:
Acceptance of applications for bachelor and specialist programs in 2018 will be held starting from June 20, 2018.

Deadlines for applications:
* For educational programs for which additional tests of creative nature are conducted – July 7;
* From students who have the right to participate in the entrance examinations conducted by SPbSU independently – July 10;
* From students applying to programs on state-financed basis according to the results of the Unified State Examination – July 26;
* From students applying to programs based on educational agreements according to the results of the Unified State Examination – August 9.

Procedure – simplified description.

  1. Register on the website of SPbU –
  2. Fill out the form on the website before July 26th.
    At the time of completing the questionnaire, a certificate of complete high school education must be obtained.
    In the questionnaire you should indicate which educational programs you would like to apply to – choose no more than three programs. Be sure to indicate which educational program is the most appealing to you. Be sure to indicate in the questionnaire whether you need a place at the dormitory for the time when you come to hand over the documents (the period of settlement at the dormitory is no more than 3 days, the average cost is 320-350 rubles). Also, please indicate whether you need a place at the dormitory for the duration of your studies. In case of questions at the stage of filling in the questionnaire, as well as at all subsequent stages, please call the selection committee: +7 812 3289455
  3. Check the list of documents
    Http:// – just a useful link. At this stage, providing copies for some documents is fine.
  4. After completing the questionnaire and collecting all necessary documents, send the documents by one of three ways
    A. Personally
    B. By post (DHL, etc)
    C. Confidant. You need a notarized power of attorney.
  5. Monitor on the website that the documents have arrived.
  6. Wait for the results of the USE.
  7. Look for yourself in the ranked lists on the SPSU website (, in case of questions, call the selection committee: +7 812 3289455.
  8.  Wait for the results of admission on the 27th of July. See the lists of admitted applicants. If you are admitted, then provide the original documents in the following terms:
    1st wave: July 29 – August 1 (until 6 pm) — provide originals of all necessary documents.
    2nd wave: August 3 – August 6 (until 6 pm) — provide originals of all necessary documents.

List of entrance tests and minimum scores

Privileges at enrollement to St. Petersburg State University for “Mathematics” 01.03.01.

Winners of the All-Russian Olympiad are admitted without any tests.
Winners of other Olympiads of 1-3 levels are admitted without entrance examinations only if their USE score is not lower than 75. In case of less points of the Unified State Examination, the admission is carried out on general grounds.

Number of places in 2018
50 state-financed places, including 5 – for a special quota (orphans, disabled children etc)
5 places – under contracts, paid.


Admission rules