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Advanced Mathematics

A new doctoral program “Advanced Mathematics” is opening at St. Petersburg State University in 2021. The duration of the program is 4 years, after finishing it the student can apply for a PhD in mathematics thesis defense. It is aimed at English-speaking students interested in mathematics and theoretical computer science, and is carried out in collaboration with Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in Saint-Petersburg, and the Chebyshev Laboratory (headed by the Fields Medalist Stanislav Smirnov).

This program features

A large number of modern elective lecture courses — students have the opportunity to explore the most advanced and popular areas of mathematics that are at the forefront of the scientific process.

Faculty teachers are active scientists with experience in teaching and research at the world’s leading universities. Russian and, especially, St. Petersburg mathematical traditions are successfully complemented by international practices.

The students are encouraged to be the part of  scientific environment in St. Petersburg, take active participation in the activities of the faculty, in seminars and research projects, including those at the L. Euler Institute, Chebyshev Lab and the St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. These institutions regularly organise international mathematical conferences , thematic programs, seminars, colloquia and lectures, involving leading world-class researchers.

The postgraduate program completes the three-stage system of specialists’ training, that consists of the bachelor’s  program 01.03.01 “Mathematics” and the master’s educational program 01.04.01 “Advanced Mathematics”, which attract the best applicants from all over Russia.

Dormitories for nonresident graduate students, health insurance and a subsidy covering modest lodging expences (full or partial) can be also provided.

Students have the opportunity to apply for research grants and competitions, financial support for travel in order to participate in schools, conferences and other scientific events. The successful candidates will be employed by L. Euler Institute and provided a competitive salary of 70,000 rub./month.

Opportunity to take part in the main mathematical event of the quadrennium – the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM ’22.


The program is realised in Saint-Petersburg, which is widely considered to be the cultural capital and the most European city of Russia,  and  is well-connected with all the major cities of the world. The classes are held in the historic center of the city, which constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cost of living in Saint Petersburg is much lower than in Western Europe, and it is also lower than in Moscow. More details on living in Saint Petersburg as an expat can be found here and here.

Alumni of the programme can naturally proceed with their postdoctoral studies in Saint Petersburg or elsewhere, or choose a career in the industry. In particular, the Chebyshev Laboratory has strong ties with leading Russian and European industrial and IT companies such as Gazprom Neft, Yandex and JetBrains.

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