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Master’s courses

Abstract harmonic analysis
Additional chapters of calculus of variations
Additional chapters of Functional Analysis
Additional chapters of Real Analysis
Additional Chapters of Function Theory and Operator Theory
Additional chapters of theory of functions of complex variable
Additional lectures on Ordinary Differential Equations
Additive combinatorics
Advanced algorithms
Advanced combinatorics
Advanced data structures
Algebraic geometry
Algebraic groups
Algebraic K-theory
Algebraic number theory
Algebraic topology
Algorithms for NP-hard problems
Almost unitary operators
Approximation Algorithms
Approximation theory
Asymptotic efficiency of nonparametric tests
Automata theory
Bioinformatic algorithms
Bootstrap methods in statistics
Class field theory
Combinatorics on words
Commutative algebra
Complexity of Boolean Functions
Computational complexity theory
Computational Geometry
Connectivity of graphs
Cryptographic Protocols
Deep Learning
Delay differential equations
Differential equations with hysteresis
Dynamics of nonhyperbolic systems
Dynamics of parabolic equations
Elliptic curves and abelian varieties
Elliptic systems
Etale cohomologies
Fine-grained compexity
Fine-grained complexity
Fixed-parameter tractability
Formal groups
Foundations of cryptography and average-case complexity theory
Four-dimensional smooth manifolds
Functions with disconnected spectrum
Fundamentals of mathematical statistics
Gaussian processes
Geometric group theory
Geometric properties of reproducing kernel systems
Geometric Theory of Complex Variable Functions
Graph colorings and digraphs
Graphs and a little of algebra
High-dimensional smooth manifolds
Higher algebraic K-theory
Homological algebra
Homotopical algebra
Hopf Algebras
Information theory
Interpolation and sampling in spaces of analytic functions
Intersection theory
Introduction to Bellman function theory
Introduction to differential topology
Introduction to ergodic theory
Introduction to geometric measure theory
Introduction to knots theory
Introduction to Non-classical Logics
Introduction to quantum computing
Introduction to Riemannian geometry
Introduction to smooth dynamical systems
Introduction to the Hilbert function spaces with Pick kernel
Introduction to the shadowing theory
Lie algebras
Limit theorems
Limit theorems for stochastic processes
Machine Learning: Linear Models and Bayesian Inference
Machine Learning: Probabilistic Models
Matchings and factors of a graph
Mathematical theory of the Navier-Stokes equations
Metric geometry and Alexandrov spaces
Modelling of dynamical systems and problems of mathematical physics
Models in operator theory
Modern analysis
Modern methods in computer science
Modern methods of ordinary differential equations
Modern theory of canonical systems
Modern theory of functions of several complex variables
Multivariate statistical analysis
Non-associative algebras
Nonautonomous dynamics
Non-commutative rings and relative homological algebra
Nonsmooth differential equations
One-dimensional dynamics
Operator theory in Hilbert space
Oscillatory integral operators
Parabolic PDE’s
Partially and nonuniformly hyperbolic systems
Point processes
Probabilistic problems of statistical physics
Probability distributions and their characterizations
Probability of combinatorial objects
Projective homogeneous varieties
Propositional proof complexity
Qualitative theory of dynamical systems
Quantum mechanics for mathematicians
Quasiconformal mappings
Quasi-linear equations
Random analytic function
Rational homotopy theory
Riemanninan surfaces
Reductive groups
Reductive group schemes
Representation of Lie algebras
Representation theory of finite dimensional algebras
Selected Chapters of Variational Calculus
Shape optimization
Sieve Methods in Analytic Number Theory
Spectral sequences
Spectral theory of differential operators
Stable homotopy theory
Stochastic calculus
Stochastic dynamical systems
Stochastic geometry
Stochastic stability of dynamical systems
Structural Complexity Theory
Teichmuller spaces
Tensor categories
Theory of bifurcations of dynamical systems
Theory of de Branges spaces
Theory of harmonic functions
Theory of harmonic measure
Theory of invariant manifolds
Theory of martingales
Theory of Random Processes
Theory of representations of symmetric groups
Theory of shadowing of approximate trajectories
Time-frequency analysis
Topics in geometric algorithms
Topological K-theory
Topological methods in combinatorics
Toric varieties
Triangulated categories
Uncertainty principle in harmonic analysis