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«Equivariant Localization in Finite and Infinite Dimensions»

«Equivariant Localization in Finite and Infinite Dimensions»


Thursday, May 20, 17:15, Zoom 958-115-833
room 120 (14th line V.O., 29)

Anton Alekseev (University of Geneva)



Computing multiple integrals is a difficult task, and the answer is rarely presented in a closed form. However, there are exceptions from this rule. One of them is integration using localization. In the talk, we will recall how localization works for finite dimensional integrals, and we will then consider examples of infinite dimensional coadjoint orbits of the Virasoro algebra which recently attracted a lot of interest in mathematics and physics communities.

The talk is based on a joint work with Samson Shatashvili.


Everyone is welcome!