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“Mobile AI: From cloud AI to on-device AI”

“Mobile AI: From cloud AI to on-device AI”

Professor Mérouane Debbah –
Director of the Huawei Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Paris, France –
will give a lecture  “Mobile AI: From cloud AI to on-device AI”
on October 24, 2019 at 17:45 in the
Conference hall (Auditorium) on 10th Line, 33-35,  Vasilievskiy Island.
Everyone is welcome!

The whole open lecture consists of 4 parts:
1- tech lecture ( given by professor)
2- Overview of SPB R&D
3- Q&A
4- Tea party and free talk

AI and Software Development  is considered as one of the 3 key trends of the intelligent theme and the top 10 trends in the digital era. From Gartner’s Latest Trend Insights,Software Development equipped with AI techniques can assist with development and testing. Then it will evolute into virtual software engineers. As a result,, 40% of development teams will use AutoML services to build models to incorporate AI capabilities into their applications by 2023.
In Huawei, there are already some explorations conducted at code review, code fix and code synthesis comparable with Google, Facebook,etc. The Software Analysis LAB of Huawei led by Qianxiang Wang, who was a famous professor in Peking University before joining huawei. The team members consist of innovative PhD and master students from top world-class universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Japan Waseda University and etc.
Ours lab focuses on innovatively applying and integrating software analysis, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligent techniques to incubate and deliver next-generation R&D services for developer, e.g., code defect detection and auto-fixing services, code recommendation & completion services, code version management and synchronization services, smart library management services and so on. These services aim to bring a brand-new and creative development experience for worldwide developers.