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SPbU opens a new department of mathematics and computer science

SPbU opens a new department of mathematics and computer science

We are happy to announce an opening of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at St. Petersburg State University. The department brings together educational programmes of Bachelor and Master studies and scientific laboratories.


  • Bachelor programme `Mathematics’
  • Bachelor programme `Modern Software Engineering’ (jointly with JetBrains)
  • Bachelor programme `Mathematics, Algorithms and Data Analysis’ (jointly with Yandex)
  • Master programme `Advanced Mathematics’


  • Chebyshev Laboratory
  • Laboratory `Modern Algebra and Its Applications’
  • Research groups supported by the Russian Science Foundation


  • Industrial projects for Gazprom Neft
  • Industrial projects for IT-companies

The new department will prepare scientists and experts in applications: mathematicians, programmers, analysts and researchers. They will perform scientific research and develop new technologies.

«The basis for all the programmes of the new department is mathematics. The programmes might overlap during first two years of studies, when the students study mathematical disciplines. They will further specialize in the area of their choice: some of them will study algorithms and data science, others will study machine learning or applied mathematics. Some students will work on fundamental projects: modern theoretic concept of machine learning is unsatisfactory, so such experts are in demand,» said Stanislav Smirnov, Fields medalist and head of Chebyshev laboratory.

«Nowadays the knowledge is accumulated not only in universities and scientific centers, but also in industrial companies. We are happy that Saint Petersburg State University opens a department, where scientists and experts from the industry will work together to teach a new generation of programmers and researchers, who will create new technologies,» said Elena Bunina, general director of Yandex in Russia.

«Optimisation of mathematical algorithms allows to effectively analyze big data from industry including oil fields and processing plants. We will continue to invest into collaborational research and to develop the program of grants and scholarships for students and young researchers, which demonstrated efficiency during our 7-years cooperation with Chebychev laboratory. New digital solutions, developed together with the mathematicians from SPBU, are now helping us to create new digital models of real production and oil and gas fields,» noticed Alexander Dybal, board member of Gazprom Neft.

In 2019, there are 100 state-funded places for the first year of Bachelor studies and 25 for Master’s. There are also extra places with tuition fee. For admission, the results of the State exam in mathematics and the results of olympiads are taken into account. Best applicants will receive the scholarships of Gazprom Neft, JetBrains and Yandex.