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Winter School in Мathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Winter School in Мathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

The school is held jointly by the Faculty of Mathematics of HSE and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of St. Petersburg State University. The school consists of a number of mini-courses and aims to overview various topics in mathematics and theoretical computer science. We invite senior Bachelor students who plan to continue their studies in theoretical mathematics as well as graduate students.

When: January 29 – February 3, 2021
Where: Zoom

How to take part in the school: Please fill out this form and we will send you the ZOOM link for participation shortly before the beginning of the school.

List of mini-courses:

  • Petr Dunin-Barkowski (NRU HSE): Hurwitz-type numbers and their generating functions
  • Vladimir Sosnilo (SPbSU)  Sheaves and the continuum hypothesis
  • Viacheslav Borovitskiy (SPbSU): Gaussian random fields in machine learning
  • Dmitriy Stolyarov (SPbSU) On isomorphism of some Banach spaces
  • Alexander Tiskin (SPbSU)  Efficient parallel algorithm
  • Alexei Pirkovskii (NRU HSE)       Noncommutative complex analysis: selected topics       (in Russian)
  • Vladimir Bogachev (MSU & NRU HSE)       Spaces of measures and optimal transportation       (in Russian)
  • Leonid Rybnikov (NRU HSE)       Robinson–Schensted–Knuth correspondence in algebra and geometry       (in Russian)

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