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Ivan A. Bliznets
Ivan A. Bliznets
Assistant Professor

29 Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia

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04.2016 — Ph.D. (C.Sc.) in Mathematics and Physics («Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory»)
Institution: St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute
Thesis title: Algorithms and Lower Bounds on Computational Complexity of Graph Modification Problems
Advisor: A.S. Kulikov

06.2012 — M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics
Institution: Academic University

06.2010 — B.Sc. (Specialist Degree) in Mathematics
Institution: Belarusian State University

Scientific interests

FPT-algorithms, exact exponential algorithms, approximation algorithms, algorithms for NP-hard problems, discrete mathematics.

Selected publications

  1. I. Bliznets, M. Cygan, P. Komosa and M. Pilipczuk. Hardness of Approximation for H-Free Edge Modification Problems. APPROX-RANDOM 2016: 3:1–3:17.
  2. I. Bliznets, F.V. Fomin, M. Pilipczuk and M. Pilipczuk. Subexponential parameterized algorithm for Interval Completion. SODA 2016: 1116–1131.
  3. I. Bliznets, M. Cygan, P. Komosa, L. Mach and M. Pilipczuk. Lower bounds for the parameterized complexity of Minimum Fill-In and other completion problems. SODA 2016: 1132–1151.
  4. I. Bliznets and N. Karpov. Parameterized Algorithms for Partitioning Graphs into Highly Connected Clusters. MFCS.
  5. I. Bliznets, F.V. Fomin, P.A. Golovach, N. Karpov, A.S. Kulikov and S. Saurabh. Parameterized complexity of superstring problems. Algorithmica 79:3, 798–813, 2017.

Additional Information

Full list of my publications can be found here.