Saint Petersburg, 199178, Russia, Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 29
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Darya E. Apushkinskaya
Darya E. Apushkinskaya
Senior Researcher

29B Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia

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2013 — Habilitation in Mathematics («Partial Differential Equations»)
Institution: Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
Thesis title: Free boundary problems: regularity properties near the fixed boundary

1993 — Ph.D. in Mathematics («Differential Equations»)
Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Thesis title: Nonstationary Venttsel problem for nonlinear parabolic equations
Advisors: N.N. Uraltseva

1990 — Diploma with Honors in Mathematics
Institution: Leningrad State University

Scientific interests

  • My work addresses topics in partial differential equations including free boundary problems, Venttsel problems, boundary value problems for equations with “bad” coefficients, as well as variational problems for functionals with nonstandard rate of growth.

Selected publications

  1. D. Apushkinskaya, A.I. Nazarov, D.K. Palagachev, and L.G. Softova (2019). Venttsel boundary value problems with discontinuous data. arXiv:1907.03017v1, 1-32.
  2. D. Apushkinskaya (2018). Free Boundary Problems: Regularity Properties Near the Fixed Boundary // Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 2218, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York.
  3. D.E. Apushkinskaya and S.I. Repin (2018). Thin obstacle problem: estimates of the distance to the exact solution, Interfaces and Free Boundaries, vol.20, №4, 511-531. doi 10.4171/IFB/410.
  4. D.E. Apushkinskaya and A.I. Nazarov (2016). A counterexample to the Hopf-Oleinik lemma (elliptic case). Analysis & PDE, vol. 9, №2, 439-458.
  5. D.E. Apushkinskaya and N.N. Uraltseva (2015). Free boundaries inmproblems with hysteresis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, vol. 373, 20140271.

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