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Andrei V. Malyutin
Andrei V. Malyutin

27 Fontanka (PDMI RAS), 191023 Saint Petersburg, Russia

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11.2009 — D.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics («Geometry and Topology» and «Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory»)
Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Thesis title: Classification Problems in the Theory of Automorphisms of Low-Dimensional Manifolds

06.2001 — Ph.D. (C.Sc.) in Mathematics and Physics («Geometry and Topology»)
Institution: St. Petersburg State University
Thesis title: Orderings on Mapping Class Groups and Classification Problems in Low-Dimensional Topology
Advisor: N.Y. Netsvetaev

06.1997 — Specialist in Mathematics
Institution: St. Petersburg State University

Scientific interests

  • geometric topology
  • knot theory
  • geometric group theory
  • dynamical systems theory
  • random processes

Selected publications

  1. A.V. Malyutin. On the question of genericity of hyperbolic knots. International Mathematics Research Notices, published online, 2018.
  2. A.M. Vershik and A.V. Malyutin. The absolute of finitely generated groups: II. The Laplacian and degenerate parts. Functional Analysis and Its Applications 52:3, 163–177, 2018.
  3. A.V. Malyutin. Quasimorphisms, random walks, and transient subsets in countable groups. Journal of Mathematical Sciences 181:6, 871–885, 2012.
  4. A.V. Malyutin. Classification of the group actions on the real line and circle. St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal 19:2, 279–296, 2008.
  5. A.V. Malyutin. Twist number (closed) braids. St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal 16:5, 791–813, 2005.

Additional Information

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