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Michael M. Krycki
Michael M. Krycki

29 Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia

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06.2011 — Specialist in Chemistry
Institution: St. Petersburg State University

Scientific interests

Surface phenomena, physical chemistry of interfaces and disperse state of substance, physical chemistry of protein and polymer solutions.

Selected publications

  1. G. Bykov, E. Guzmán, R.G. Rubio, M.M. Krycki, O.Y. Milyaeva, B.A. Noskov, Influence of temperature on dynamic surface properties of spread DPPC monolayers in a broad range of surface pressures, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF LIPIDS, V. 225, P. 104812-104818, 2019.
  2. Richard A. Campbell, Andrea Tummino, Imre Varga, Olga Yu. Milyaeva, Michael M. Krycki, Shi-Yow Lin, Valerie Laux, Michael Haertlein, V. Trevor Forsyth, Boris A. Noskov, Adsorption of Denaturated Lysozyme at the Air-Water Interface: Structure and Morphology, LANGMUIR, V. 34, P. 5020-5029, 2018.
  3. Noskov B. A., Krycki M. M., Formation of protein/surfactant adsorption layer as studied by dilational surface rheology, ADVANCES IN COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, V. 247, P. 81-99, 2017.

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