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Dmitriy M. Stolyarov
Dmitriy M. Stolyarov
Associate Professor

29 Line 14th (Vasilyevsky Island), 199178 Saint Petersburg, Russia

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12.2014 — Ph.D. (C.Sc.) in Mathematics and Physics («Real, Complex and Functional Analysis»)
Institution: St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute
Thesis title: Differential Operators and Fourier Analysis: Embedding Theorems with Limiting Exponent and Their Applications
Advisor: S.V. Kislyakov

06.2011 — Specialist Degree in Mathematics
Institution: St. Petersburg State University

Scientific interests

Harmonic analysis, martingale inequalities, embedding theorems, extremal problems, Banach space theory, extremal combinatorics, spectral theory, convex geometry, additive combinatorics, geometric measure theory, oscillatory integrals.

Selected publications

  1. P. Ivanisvili, D.M. Stolyarov, V.I. Vasyunin and P.B. Zatitskiy. Bellman function for extremal problems in $\mathrm{BMO}$ $\mathrm{II}$: evolution. Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 255:1220. AMS, 2018.
  2. W. Smith, D.M. Stolyarov and A. Volberg. Uniform approximation of Bloch functions and the boundedness of the integration operator on $H^{\infty}$. Advances in Mathematics 314, 185–202, 2017.
  3. D.M. Stolyarov and P.B. Zatitskiy. Theory of locally concave functions and its applications to sharp estimates of integral functionals. Advances in Mathematics 291, 228–273, 2016.
  4. S.V. Kislyakov, D.V. Maksimov and D.M. Stolyarov. Differential expression with mixed homogeneity and spaces of smooth functions they generate in arbitrary dimension. Journal of Functional Analysis 269:10, 3220–3263, 2015.
  5. A.I. Nazarov, D.M. Stolyarov and P.B. Zatitskiy. Tamarkin equiconvergence theorem and trace formula revisited. Journal of Spectral Theory 4:2, 365–389, 2014.

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