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«Sharp inequalities on BMO-space and the Bellman function»

«Sharp inequalities on BMO-space and the Bellman function»

COLLOQUIUM of the department of mathematics and computer science

Thursday, April 8, 17:15, Zoom channel 958-115-833

Vasily Vasyunin (PDMI RAS)
«Sharp inequalities on BMO-space and the Bellman function»


I suppose to give an impression what is the Bellman function and how it helps to solve various extremal problems. Bellman function techniques work in rather numerous problems of analysis and probability. However to minimize the number of definitions in the talk I restrict consideration to extremal problems for the integral functionals on the space of the functions of bounded mean oscillation (BMO). I plan to start with the classical John—Nireberg inequality and finish with some recent results.

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