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Modern Software Engineering

An undergraduate program in modern software engineering has been launched at St. Petersburg State University in 2018.

Features of the Programme:

  • The program is created by instructors who have been teaching at Computer Science Center for many years.
  • The program is created together with the Chebyshev Laboratory. Students have a possibility to attend many elective mathematical courses.
  • Software engineering courses are taught by industry professionals — in particular, experienced software engineers from JetBrains and Yandex.
  • Students are involved into software engineering projects and internships already from the third term of education.
  • Students have a possibility to work on research and engineering project under supervision of active researchers in a wide range of CS and IT.
  • For those interested in competitive programming, there is a possibility to train under supervision of leading trainers.
  • The education is held on Vasilyevsky Island, the historical center of the city.
  • Scholarships up to 15 000 RUB from JetBrains.


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