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Advanced Mathematics

A new Master’s programme `Advanced Mathematics’ was launched at St. Petersburg State University in 2019. This two-year program is aimed at English-speaking students interested in mathematics and theoretical computer science. It will be carried out in collaboration with the Chebyshev Laboratory, headed by the Fields Medalist Stanislav Smirnov, Professor of the University of Geneva.

Features of the Programme:

  • A completely new curriculum covering advanced topics in: Mathematical analysis and probability theory; Theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics and mathematical logic; Algebra and number theory; Geometry and topology; Differential equations, dynamical systems and mathematical physics; Applications of mathematics.
  • Students are exposed to the famous Russian mathematical tradition, while the program adopts best international teaching practices.
  • A highly diverse course program in English (Russian language skills are not necessary). A wide range of graduate courses taught by leading researchers and experienced teachers.
  • Incredibly low student-professor ratio, tiny class sizes of 5–10 students.
  • The program is tightly connected with the rich research and educational infrastructure of St. Petersburg. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars and research projects of many research groups in mathematics and theoretical computer science across the city. In particular, the Chebyshev Laboratory and Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg host regular seminars, where guest lectures are often delivered by leading researchers from all over the world.
  • This Master’s program is an organic continuation of our BSc Programme in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, which attracts the best students in mathematics from all over Russia.
  • Fellowships for top students, we expect both the tuition waivers from the government and scholarships from our sponsor. Students involved in research grants may also receive extra funding from these sources.
  • Travel support for participation in conferences, summer schools and other scientific events.
  • Intensive mentoring during the whole duration of studies.
  • Housing for students.

Geographically, the programme is located in Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital and the most European city of Russia, which is well-connected with all major cities of the world. Its precise location in the historic center of the city, which constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cost of living in Saint Petersburg is smaller than in Europe, and it is also smaller than in Moscow. More details on living in Saint Petersburg as an expat can be found here and here.

Alumni of the programme can naturally proceed with their PhD studies in Saint Petersburg or elsewhere, or choose a career in the industry. In particular, the Chebyshev Laboratory has strong ties with leading Russian and European industrial and IT companies such as Gazprom Neft, Yandex and JetBrains.

Information about admission to this programme can be found here.

Further questions about the programme and admission to it are very welcome: please send an email to

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