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ICM 2022 will be held in Saint Petersburg

ICM 2022 will be held in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg has won the right to organize International Congress of Mathematicians in 2022.

Yesterday, July 29, the 18-th General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union decided that International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 will be held in Russia! In the final vote the Saint Petersburg bid obtained a majority of votes, getting ahead of the Paris bid. Russia (Soviet Union) received such a congress only once, long ago in 1966.

Our bid was presented by the Fields medalist Stanislav Smirnov and the chair of Executive Bid Preparation Committee Arkady Dvorkovich. Russia will support participation in the congress of nearly 1000 mathematicians from developing countries and nearly 1300 young mathematicians all over the globe. Participants of the St. Petersburg congress will be granted visa-free entry to Russia. This high scale meeting will strengthen and extend collaboration between Russian mathematicians and their foreign colleagues.

The presentation of the Russian bid can be found here.

See also an interview with Stanislav Smirnov and Andrei Okounkov — provided by the mathematical internet magazine Plus in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society: