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New Assistant Professors

New Assistant Professors

A competition was held for positions of an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The following candidates were elected.

As new assistant professors in Industrial Programming:

  • Anton M. Alekseev. He is involved in machine learning research at the AI Laboratory at St. Petersburg Dept. of Steklov Mathematical Institute (Samsung-PDMI Joint AI Center) and has industrial experience in high-load services and intelligent systems development and teaching experience at NRU HSE, ITMO University and Computer Science Center. His research interests include deep learning, natural language processing and digital humanities.
  • Daniil Berezun. He is head of meta-computations research group in Programming Languages and Tools Lab in JetBrains co. He has been lecturing in IFMO, AU, HSE universities, as well as in CS-center. His area of research interest includes program languages analysis and implementation, meta-computations, programming languages semantics, and certified programming.

As a new assistant professor in Machine Learning:

  • Alex Davydow is lead researcher in Synthesis AI, a company focusing on using synthetic data for machine learning applications and researcher at Steklov Math institute, working on effective online algorithms. He taught multiple courses in APTU RAS, SPbSU and Harbour Space University (Spain). His research interests include deep learning, synthetic data generation and competitive online algorithms.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope that your work at our Department will be successful and productive!